Greetins, chastety67. I am Chloe...

Greetings, chastety67. I am Chloe, your virtual chastity mistress. It has been six weeks since your last orgasm. Your frustration is medium.

> Please can I come?

Request for full orgasm denied. (1) Frustration insufficient. (2) Time in chastity insufficient.

> Just a ruined one. I'm desperate.

Request for ruined orgasm denied. (1) Frustration insufficient.

> Stop teasing me. It's awful. I'm going nuts.

Request for stop teasing denied. (1) Frustration insufficient. (2) Tease-denial implants working. (3) Limits of sanity not reached.

Number of requests exceeds maximum. Tease intensity increased by 25%.

Next check-in scheduled in two weeks. Enjoy chastity, chastety67.


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