Hero's Submission Now Available

My latest erotic femdom novella, Hero's submission is now available in the Kindle store and on Kindle Unlimited. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MY9RRZB

Hero's Submission is a superpowered femdom fantasy about a superhero given the chance to join an elite group of trans-dimensional heroes.

What he doesn't know is that no male has ever passed the tough entrance examination and some of the heroines are determined to make sure that doesn't change.

They're not interested in his abilities as a hero, they want him for his attributes as a male.

Through the course of the entrance tests, he will be teased, tormented, and molded into the kind of chaste toy true heroines deserve to have at their beck and call.

If you enjoy chastity femdom with a genre twist, why not give Hero's Submission a whirl?


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