Power Girl (4 Captions)

It's right there in my name: power.

I can lift a battleship with one hand. You can barely lift a crate of beer with both.

I can run a mile in under a second. You can't even run a mile.

That's why you have to give me orgasms and I give you nothing in return. You have no power.

This is not an equal relationship. I have the beauty, grace, and powers of a modern goddess. You're a worm next to me.

When I put your dick in a steel chastity cage and weld it permanently shut with my heat vision, you can't complain.

All you can say is: "Thank you for caging me, goddess."

I command: you obey. Resisting my will is as futile as a mouse fighting a hurricane.

You exist to service me. Oral pleasure is your gift and you have no choice but to give it to me when I demand.

My stamina is endless. No matter how many times you bring me to orgasm, I will want more and you cannot deny my desires.

I didn't have to ask you to be my chastity toy. You couldn't have stopped me taking you if you'd tried.

Serving me is an honor, even when it causes you such pain.

You can't hope to satisfy me. When you expire with your head between my thighs, your life will have been given to a great cause: my pleasure.


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