Cosplay Mistress (7 Captions)


Mistress Felicia

Cats are lucky. Those they prey on are not.

I have you in my claws now and I'll never let you go.

I'm going to play with your cock until you beg for mercy, then play with it some more. If you're a good toy, maybe I'll let you run for a while before I catch and play with you again.

Mistress Psycho

Didn't you get the memo? I'm mental, I am.

I've got these awesome drugs I'm gonna inject in your penis. I don't know what half of them do, but who cares? As long as you stay hard while I  ride you until your pelvis snaps.

Yee-haw! Looks like I got me a live one.

 Mistress Bulma

I found a way to trap your future orgasms in a tiny little ball.

Every time you're disobedient, or wilful, or give me an orgasm that's anything less than amazing, I'll destroy one of your trapped climaxes.

Will there be any left when I open it up, I wonder?

 Mistress Nat

Those little pins lining the inside of your cage are called stingers.

Whenever I want: ZAP! Electric shock to your cock.

Even when you're not disobedient, it's fun to hear you scream!

That's the low setting. Be good, or you'll find out about the others.

 Mistress Faye

I found some advanced tech on my last trip.

More than a chastity cage: it's a complete arousal control system.

I can play your cock and balls like a musical instrument, dancing you across the edge of orgasm for hours and hours and hours...

 Mistress Ivy

Breathe in, my sweet toy.

The spores will settle inside your cock and balls. As they grow, your cock will become permanently erect, but you will lose the ability to orgasm.

You'll be my little living dildo, to fuck and tease how I please, in a state of constant frustration.

Mistress Rei

You have one task in this world: provide me sexual relief.

A special module encloses your penis to prevent orgasms. I do not  know or care if you will feel aroused while you service me.

If you fail to perform your duties to my satisfaction, you will be replaced.


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