Kat's New Boy (7 Captions)

Occasionally, I like to experiment with longer, multi-caption stories. This is one starring the lovely Katherine McNamara as she takes delivery of a new sex toy...

 The first day with a new mistress can be difficult.

Let's go over some rules:

Acknowledge and obey my commands at once.

Answer my questions immediately and honestly.

Address me as "Mistress Kat" at all times.

Do not speak otherwise.

Your name is "Oral Toy."

Your primary duty will be cunnilingus. You'll start tonight: my last oral toy became unsatisfactory and had to dispose of him. I expect better of you.

 I paid extra because you're a virgin. I want to protect my investment.

That's why your chastity cage is so advanced. It's unbreakable, unlockable, and a very tight fit. Arousal will trigger spring-loaded spikes to quell erection. Don't get hard.

You will never be allowed an orgasm, full or ruined. You will never receive teasing, prostate milking, or relief of any other kind.

However your body adapts to the constant pressure of blue balls and unrestrained horniness is no concern of mine.

You will remain pure.
 You don't want to be my oral toy, and you don't want to be in chastity?

Are you kidding me? I didn't pay good money to care what you want. I paid for a pre-broken toy and you're insolent on your first day?

I'm going to give that dealer such a bad Yelp review... Are you even a virgin? At least that much was true.

I have to spend time to break you, when all I wanted was a toy to eat me out. I have a premiere tonight: very stressful. I suppose I can use a fuck toy, but I was in the mood for oral.

 Although... When life gives you lemons, crush them to make lemonade.

It's been a long time since I broke a new toy by myself. It might be fun to get my hands dirty again.

I'll start with pain as punishment for the insolence of saying you don't want to serve me. Expressing a want is so forbidden from my toys.

Would you prefer left or right? Left? That was a test. The correct answer would have been: "Whatever you want, Mistress Kat." Now I have to crush both your testicles to drive home the lesson. See? Fun!

 You're quite the screamer. Music to my ears, toy.

I see fear in your eyes, but that's not enough. I need you to adore me.

I can hurt you, or not. Every moment free of whip, ball crusher, spiked paddle, or needles is due to my mercy.

I'm beautiful, powerful, and capricious. It would be crazy not to adore me.

Enjoy this video of how awesome I am. It's forty hours long, so I'll pin your eyes open and feed you stimulants.

You won't miss a second.
 You say you're ready to accept your place in my household as oral toy. Eager to serve mistress?

Let's give you a trial run.

Mmm... No. That won't do. Sloppy technique, and I don't feel hunger. You have to crave my pussy.

First, a week of aversion therapy until any taste except me repels you.

Then, training. If your tongue is well-behaved, I won't whip your ass raw and crush your balls.

If you don't improve quickly, you'll be disposed of. It's as bad as it sounds.

You've come a long way.

You're compliant, eager to serve, and competent to perform your duties as my oral toy.

The orgasm denial is really kicking in. I love how twitchy and horny you are all the time. Remember: that will get better with time, and by better I mean worse. You will never orgasm, but the urge will get stronger every day. It's male biology working against you to amuse me.

Welcome to my service. You're young and fit: I expect to get a few years out of you. Assuming I don't get bored.


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