Natalie Portman - The Breakup (7 Captions)

I'm sure I didn't hear you right. You want to break up with me? That's not how it works. I'm not your girlfriend: I'm your mistress, queen, and goddess. You have no say in any aspect of our relationship. I decide when I no longer want you. Until then, you serve me, and thank me for allowing you to do so.

 You want to leave? The tag on your steel collar says: Natalie's Toy. Toys are played with, put in a box, or thrown in the trash. Toys don't get any say. Toys can't leave when they want to. Toys aren't supposed to want anything. This relationship doesn't end until I get bored of playing with you.

 You want the key to your cage? Do you see a keyhole or a padlock, dummy? That thing is welded shut, held in place by a urethra rod, and secured with steel bars through four piercings in your cock and scrotum. It can't be removed by anything short of castration. I wasn't kidding when I said permanent chastity.

You want to be in a relationship with orgasms? You ungrateful wretch. I can't believe I was going to give you a prostate milking in a month or two. It's not as if there aren't any orgasms in our relationship: I come all the time, thanks to your tongue, your fingers, and the strap-on. So much bigger than your tiny cock.

You think you're going to walk out the front door, in the middle of winter, with no clothes? You don't have anything to wear except your maid's outfit, and that isn't even long enough to cover your cock. You don't have any money or possessions. You wouldn't last a minute without me telling you what to do.

You think there's someone better than me out there? How would you know: I haven't let you talk to anyone in years. You want some busty, latex-clad, so-called domme who teases you and lets you have ruined orgasms before she "locks" you in a flimsy plastic cage? Your greed and impudence is breathtaking.

We'll do a trial separation. You spend a month strapped to the rack, with vibrating dildos up your ass and down your throat. I'll force you to watch sexy videos of me: it know it's agonizing when your penis tries to get erect inside its cage.  I'll try out some other toys, then you can beg me to take you back.


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