Emilia Clarke (6 Captions)

You're dumped.

It's not me, it's you.

It was fun until I broke you, but now you're a puppy with no tricks.

I'm bored with how you service me. You don't beg for orgasms anymore. You barely scream when I whip your ass raw and bloody.


Just because I don't want you, doesn't mean I want anyone else to have you.

My hooks are so deep in your mind, you'll never love anyone else, but that's not enough.

I need to ensure nobody will want you.

I'm going to leave you ruined, heartbroken, and hopeless.

It's been two years since I last let you have an orgasm.

I don't see any reason to break that run just because I'm leaving you.

I've upgraded your chastity device to a heavy steel belt.

It's welded shut and booby-trapped. Don't try to remove it if you value your life or cock.

You used to have friends, but I drove them away.

You have no family:
I made sure of that before I took you.

You own nothing: I drained your accounts, sold your house, and burned your clothes.

All you have is a chastity belt and memories.

You have no identity.

Your only purpose in life was to serve and give me pleasure. Without that, what's the point of you?

I've erased your social security number and destroyed your birth certificate. There's no record of your life.

Without me, you're literally a non-person.

Why be so cruel?

Because I can. Because it gives me pleasure to see you destroyed. Because I want to hear you beg for mercy one last time before I shut the door in your face.

I was your mistress and you were my chastity toy. You took that for granted.

Get lost.


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