Come Closer (4 Captions)

Come closer, boy. Get a good look at what you've been sneaking glances of all day: my body. Don't tell me you believe those silly stories about a magical seductress who steals free will and turns men into subservient toys with her words? A big, strong man like you: scared of a sexy little thing like me? How do you think that makes me feel?

You hurt my feelings. Come closer and comfort me. I don't like when boys are mean to me. I prefer they serve me, pamper me,  and do everything I say. Maybe the seductress stories were true. Your mind is so noisy with different thoughts: you want me, but you're scared of losing your free will, which makes you want me even more. You crave servitude, lucky boy.

I can make your dreams of enslavement by a beautiful woman a reality. The more you hear my voice, the greater my power over you. Come closer, boy: you have no choice. Isn't this better? Noisy thoughts replaced with only one: obey your goddess. What shall I do with you? Anything I want. You look nice and your cock is a good size. You can be a sex pet.

You'll fuck and be fucked by me whenever I please. You'll give me mind-melting orgasms, but you'll never come. Sex will turn you on, bring you to the edge, fill your balls to bursting, but leave you frustrated. I love chastity magic: it drives even mindless drones crazy. When I get bored, I'll transfer you to one of my mines or factories. Aren't you glad you came closer?


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