Is the cruel...

Is the cruel, invincible, teasing, merciless tormentress in your story supposed to be me?

If it is, I'm going to punish you.

If it isn't, I'm going to punish you even more.

Also, no orgasms for you until you sell a thousand copies.

I have a number of e-books available for purchase on both Amazon and Smashwords.

The books an Amazon are femdom chastity fantasies with a genre twist.

Treasures of the Flesh (fantasy, magic)
The Chastity Sanction (spy adventure)
Ruined Release (technology)
Hero's Submission (superhero)

My earlier books are on Smashwords because they contain more violent femdom content which is not compatible with Amazon's guidelines. They are femdom/genre mash-ups as well. Many are available to read for free at the Castem Press site but I always appreciate a sale.

Murder on Chastity Island (pulp detective.magic)
The Chastity Arena (magic)
Breaking the Hero (superpowers)
Breaking the Band (superpowers)
Breaking the Groom (superpowers)
Breaking the Villain (superpowers)


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