Problem (4 Captions)

I installed spyware on the computer, because I thought you were cheating online. Imagine my surprise to find all these male chastity, female domination, and female-led relationship blogs in your history. Some of them written by you. What are we going to do about your dirty little sub fantasies, you sad little worm?

I also read your diary. I assume you don't mind, since you secretly crave being under my absolute control. So many details, and drawings too! You want to be my subservient chastity boy toy and live-in servant, but you're too pathetic to ask me to my face. You left all this lying around for me to find. You can't be trusted with your own life.

I control our finances: you do not get an allowance. I control your orgasms: your cock locked in a chastity device to which I have the key. You will obey me, pleasure me, and serve me without question. At home, you must be naked. You may leave the house for work and gym only. The latter is compulsory: I don't want a flabby toy husband.

I should have made you my chastity slut years ago. You're a great lay when you can't orgasm. Teasing you to the edge is almost as much fun as pounding your ass with a strap-on. The house is always clean and I don't lift a finger. With both our incomes, I can buy whatever I like. I know you're having second thoughts, but I don't care: you belong to me.


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